Karachi to receive upto 130 mm of rain today


Karachi: Heavy rain with thunderstorms is expected in Karachi today.

Meteorological Department officials said that the rains which started yesterday have stopped temporarily but there is a possibility of heavy rains with thunderstorms in the city again today. The rains will continue till tomorrow (Saturday).

According to the Meteorological Department, thunderstorms are forming in the southeast of Karachi, due to which heavy rain is expected in the city today.

The Meteorological Department has also warned that the fourth spell of the monsoon is more powerful than all the spells.

According to the Director Meteorological Department, the low pressure in Rajasthan has increased and another low pressure is present in the south of Karachi and Balochistan, while the intensity of low pressure in Karachi is still high, causing thunderstorms in the city at any time.

He said that 80 to 130 mm of rain is expected today and before the rain, there is a possibility of wind in the city.

He added that heavy rain with thunderstorm is also expected in Karachi tomorrow.