‘Karachi’ s sewerage system is not able to withstand heavy rain’


Karachi: Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar has said that the sewerage system in Karachi is not capable of withstanding so much rain.

He said that drains are cleaned every year and money is spent. I have been saying for 4 years that cleaning drains every year is not a permanent solution. The entire Pakistan has come to clean three drains in Karachi, he said while taking a jibe at NDMA.

He said that there are 40 big drains in Karachi while there are about 500 small drains. Garbage and sewerage are dumped in the rain drains.

The mayor of Karachi said that the sewerage system is not working properly and the sea is being destroyed.

He said that all the relevant departments of the city should be with the mayor.

Fot the first time in four years the Sindh government has given me Rs500 million on the court orders for cleaning drains, the mayor further said.

He further said that the people of Karachi know why powers are not being given at the local level.

Akhtar added that the 18th amendment had been passed but the provincial government wants to retain the powers.