Inflation jumps to 9.3 per cent in country


Islamabad: The effects of increasing prices of petroleum products came in the form of rising inflation in July, which rose by 2.3 per cent in July to 9.3 per cent.

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, on a monthly basis in July, tomatoes became 179 per cent, motor fuel 27 per cent, vegetables 23.8 per cent and onions 16.6 per cent more expensive in urban areas.

Similarly, eggs became more expensive by 10.8 per cent, spices by 7.5 per cent, wheat by 7.4 per cent and potatoes by 4.5 per cent in July as compared to June, while meat became 3.9 per cent and sugar 3.8 per cent more expensive.

On an annual basis in July,  tomatoes became 100 percent more expensive in urban areas, according to the statistics department. Potatoes became costlier by 63 per cent, lentils by 46.2 per cent, eggs by 43.11 per cent and chicken by 36.69 per cent.

In July 2020, sugar became 17 per cent, wheat 28.52 per cent and flour 18.52 per cent more expensive in urban areas as compared to July 2019.