Sirajul Haq says common man bearing brunt of govt’s poor economic policies


Lahore: Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Senator Sirajul Haq on Wednesday said that the lower middle class was facing the consequences of the poor economic policies. 

He said that taking interest on the loans of economic relief package was an injustice with the business community. It is also illicit according to the Islam, he added.

The JI chief said that the government should give interest free loans and take immediate steps to prevent people from unemployment.

He said that political intervention, incompetent management and corruption had led to the destruction of Pakistan Steel Mills. The PPP, PML-N and MQM are responsible for the mills’ destruction but punishment is being given to the employees by rendering them jobless.

Siraj said that instead of providing jobs to 10 million people, they have been pushed to below the line of poverty.ہ

He said that economic policies were not being made in line with the country’s priorities and the domestic situation. Dictation is being taken from somewhere else, which has resulted in destruction of industries.