Asad Umar says coronavirus not as lethal in Pakistan as in Europe


ISLAMABAD: National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) chief and Minister for Planning Asad Umar on Saturday said that the coronavirus was not that lethal in Pakistan as it was in the Europe and other countries.

He said that the nations could be confined to indoors for months or years. Safety measures are the most effective weapon to limit the spread of a pandemic. Those ignoring the precautionary measures are putting their lives as well as the others’ at risk.

Umar added that the virus was not as lethal in the country as it had been in the Europe and other countries.

There has been no change to our basic strategy, which is focusing on to limit the spread of virus, the NCOC chief said.

He said that Pakistan not only manufacturing most of the safety equipment but also exporting them to other countries.

Earlier this week, a top Italian doctor claimed that the coronavirus had lost its strength and become less dangerous now.

San Raffaele Hospital head Alberto Zangrillo, in an interview, had said that clinically the coronavirus no longer in Italy.

The tests carried out in last 10 days have showed a viral load in terms of quantitative, he said.

Another senior doctor, Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious diseases clinic at the San Martino hospital in the northern part of Italy, has also endorsed the views of Alberto Zangrillo.

He said that the coronavirus lost its potency it had couple of months ago.

Vassetti said that i was clear that the coronavirus is different today from what is was two months back.