Pigeon owner Habibullah demands Modi to release his innocent bird


SIALKOT: Habibullah is sad and did not celebrate the recent Muslim holy festival Eidul Fitr.

He is a pigeon raiser, living in Bagga-Shakargarh village, and loves all his birds like his children. All his Eid passed while missing one of his beloved pigeon which is currently in Indian custody.

Habibullah said that India had arrested his beloved bird on a false allegation.

“My only mistake was that I flew my birds to celebrate the Eid,” he said in a sad voice.

“My pigeon is not a terrorist, it is simply a bird, a symbol of peace and love,” Habibullah told this scribe.

He said that India had been alleging that the bird was a spy, which is wrong.

It was my pet pigeon and the second bird of the pair is with me, he said while flying his remaining birds.

He said that he owns about a dozen pet pigeons.

Habibullah has demanded of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release his innocent bird.