Airbus team satisfies with ongoing plane crash investigation


KARACHI:  A team of Airbus, the world’s largest airline manufacturing company, which is in the country to investigate the Karachi plane crash from France has voiced satisfaction over the ongoing investigation into the accident by the Pakistani authorities.

Following a permission from the Airbus team, the process of removing the wreckage of the crashed PIA plane from the site of the accident has begun.

The government has formed an investigation team comprising experts from various departments. The team has been probing into the crash from various angles.

The visiting team of Airbus has collected evidences from the site of the crash and the control tower of Karachi airport.

Sources said that the French team has expressed satisfaction over the ongoing investigation being carried out by the Pakistani officials.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PAPLA) had alleged that the probe into the Karachi plane crash was being conducted in wrong direction to save real culprits.

A spokesman for PALPA had said that there a question mark on not informing the pilot about the touching of the plane’s engine with the runway whereas allotting a long route for an emergency landing is also questionable.

He said that a wrong impression was being created by mixing the details of the first and second landing.

The PALPA spokesman alleged that the real culprits were being saved by conducting the probe in wrong direction.