PM Imran requests provinces to resume public transport service


Islamabad : Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that coronavirus would not be controlled untill the preparation of a vaccine, adding we can not afford to extend lockdown anymore. 

The prime minister stated this while chairing a meeting to review the impacts of coronavirus on national economy.

He was presented a comparison review of the lockdown and post-lockdown situation.

We are aware of the concerns of health experts on easing lockdown.

He said that the virus could not be controlled until the development of its vaccine. We have to live with the virus for some time.

All the decisions are taken after consultation, however, we could not reach consensus on allowing to resume public transport servce since two provinces were not in favour.

Public transport was a basic need of poor as they can not reach their workplace without it, the prime minister said.

“I request to all provinces to resume public transport service,” he said, adding that despite heavy casualties road and air transport was not halted in the US and the Europe.