Bank Alfalah accepting Hajj applications under Govt’s official scheme


KARACHI (PR): Bank Alfalah will be receiving Hajj applications under the Government Hajj Scheme 2020 from 25th February 2020 till 6th March 2020, through all of its branches across Pakistan.

Successful applicants will be selected through balloting, results of which will be announced by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Under the Government Hajj Scheme 2020, the below mentioned Hajj charges have been announced which include Hajj training, vaccinations, medical facilities (in Saudi Arab only), return ticket, stay in Makkah and Madinah, food expenses, transportation, luggage boarding and Takaful fund.

The Hajj package for pilgrims based in south region is set at 455, 695 without Qurbani and 478,520 with Qurbani. The package for pilgrims based in north region is set at Rs463,445 without Qurbani and Rs486,270 with Qurbani.