Arham Habib, a voice of Pakistani youth in the US


San Francisco (Press Release): To love your motherland is indeed in the gist of every rational person and when it comes to any  Pakistani living abroad in anywhere of the globe trotter it’s a matter of do and die situation to uplift Pakistan’s name shine on the top of the world’s list.

On line newspaper edition, one touch connection to know about what is happening in your motherland has filled the gap of isolation and now people living abroad are much anxious to do something for their homeland besides living abroad.

There are many Pakistanis who are contributing their expertise in the field of technology, heath, education, telecom sector and so many other sectors and highlighting the name of the country while earning good amount of hood.

But very few are those who feel the pain of others and want to take our own people to compete in the contemporary race.

Arham Habib, one of  those Pakistanis who has grown up in San Francisco but because of parents great attraction and grown up attire his heart and soul remain anxious to do something for Pakistani youth and specially teen age students. website is his practical step to make Pak youth vocal in international arena at every platform in order to shine Pakistani youth beyond borders.

Arham himself is a very good debater and already competed in various international debate contests and has proved his mettle in several occasions.

His shelf distinguishes with various pieces of appreciation letters from American congressmen and shields he received but he considers these achievements are for entire Pakistan’s.

This year Arham also stood at ninth position in all US debate contests which was conducted by debate and speech association.

His credentials not ends here but this young gentleman is taking every possible step to encourage Pakistani kids to physically come to states and meet the world telling success stories of Pakistan to make perception based on reality and crystal shine for upcoming upcoming generations and for this Arham spends money from his own pocked despite meager resources at this young age.

This was his whole hearted efforts that Muhammad Anique and Aira Gabol from Karachi won the contest in American soil by continuous and untried efforts and complete bearable expenses of these kids from Karachi to States.

Not only expenses but mentorship of Arham was the full support to take lead on others debater was the self-telling story of Karachi kids in US۔

On line and day to day rigorous support was the key element to excel skills but overall financial support from mentor Arham made our dream reality, Muhammad Anique and Aira Gabol credited to Arham while talking to this scribe..

Meanwhile, having brief glimpse on young dynamic Arham Habib tis a rising senior at Monte Vista High School in Danville, California. He has been competing at speech and debate tournaments for five years and have had the honor of placing 2nd in the state of California and 9th in the USA National Championship. During his sophomore year, he created an organization, Voices of the Future, with the goal of granting others the opportunity to learn and participate in speech and debate tournaments. At first, Voices of the Future worked alongside elementary schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD)–California, teaching 3rd-5th graders the basics of public speaking and argumentation. This elementary program was expanded to four schools in the SRVUSD and so far, over 150 students have attended this program. The program was recognized for exemplary leadership, both by the SRVUSD and the United States House of Representatives, who awarded a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. Later, the program expanded to Pakistan, a nation that, until now, hasn’t been able to participate in the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA), largely due to the financial burden of travel and competition.

Last year, Arham began coaching students at Beacon Light Academy, located in Karachi, Pakistan, the basics of speech and debate. All the students had potential—but not the resources to translate that to competitive success. To give these students a voice on the world platform, he knew he had to change that. He contacted the Victory Briefs Institute (VBI) and the Institute for Speech and Debate (ISD): two organizations that further train students for competitions. With them, he was able to negotiate a partial scholarship for two students from Beacon Light Academy: Muhammad Anique and Aira Gabol. Through contacting a variety of businesses across the Bay Area, he was able to raise the $10,000 to sponsor the travel, lodging, and the rest of the tuition for these students. Between July 14th and 26th, the students were able to study, practice, and compete alongside members of the National Speech and Debate Association, the largest speech and debate organization in the world.

Now, the challenge ahead to bring these students back to the United States for high-profile tournaments. His goal is to invite students from Pakistan to the Stanford Invitational and the Cal Invitational (at U.C. Berkeley), both of which are to be held in February of 2020.