US House Subcommittee on Asia to meet after UNGA session: Congressman Sherman

Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Asia Brad Sherman. Photo: Huffington Post

CALIFORNIA: The US House Subcommittee on Asia will conduct an hearing on the issue of occupied Kashmir after the United Nations General Assembly session.

This was stated by House Subcommittee on Asia Chairman Brad Sherman while speaking to a Pakistani TV.

Sherman said, “We are waiting by then [after Congress reconvenes] so that we can get high-level participation of from high-level state department officials, including the chief state department official for South Asia.”

“I wish we could be doing the hearings now but in order to get the participation not only of human rights NGOs, but getting the State Department as well and in that case, we have to wait till October,” he added.

Meanwhile, jails in the occupied Kashmir have ran out of capacity and now thousands of people detained without charges by Indian forces are being shifted via planes to other parts of the country.

Over 10,000 innocent people have been arrested by Indian forces over fears of unrest following the complete lockdown imposed in the valley on Aug 5.

India had abrogated Article 370 on August 5 withdrawing special status given to occupied Kashmir.

A local magistrate said last week that over 4,000 people had been arrested under the controversial Public Safety Act.