Crisis in IoK reach alarming proportion

Markets seen closed on the eve of "Black Day" being observed in occupied Kashmir

Crisis of humanity is reaching an alarming proportion as lockdown in Kashmir entered 26th day, today (Friday).

India has stepped up its state terrorism in the occupied valley and increasing brutalities against the innocent Kashmiris. It valley turned into a big open-air jail.

According to Al Jazeera , India’s brutal measures including mass arrests, communication shutdown and harassment were forcing the people to adopt the course of armed resistance.

It added, chants of “one solution, gun solution” have recently resounded at protests in the territory. Residents have reported a widespread campaign of police violence and harassment, with more than 150 people suffering injuries from teargas canisters and pellets in clashes with paramilitary personnel, as security forces rounded up thousands, including children, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Defying curfew and other restrictions, locals staged demonstrations in different areas of occupied Kashmir, yesterday.

On the other hand, the US State Department in a statement raised serious concerns over reports of detentions and continued curfew in IoK adding that respect for the human rights should be ensured in the territory.