Modi committed strategic blunder by revoking Kashmir’s special status: PM Imran  


Prime Minister Imran Khan has termed Narendra Modi’s move to revoke Article 370 as a strategic blunder, as he addressed the Azad Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Khan, who arrived in Muzaffarabad earlier today, condemned India’s recent actions in the occupied territory and said by revoking occupied Kashmir’s special status, the Indian government had actually helped the Kashmir cause.

“I believe it is a [huge] strategic blunder by Modi. It will cost Modi and his BJP government heavily. I consider it a big miscalculation by Modi. He has played his final card,” the premier said.

The prime minister noted that before the recent proceedings, it was a challenging task to draw attention of world leaders to the human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.

“But now, the Kashmir issue is under the spotlight of [world media]. By [clamping down further] on occupied Kashmir, Modi has in fact helped to internationalise the dispute.”

“It is now up to us [Pakistan] to highlight the issue. I will now be the ambassador for Kashmir issue around the world. I will take it up at every forum,” said Khan. “We are facing up to a dangerous ideology [Modi’s RSS ideology]. This ideology is grounded in hatred for Muslims, and it takes inspiration from Hitler’s ideology.”