Chinese Sanitation Firm lodges strong protest against DMC West


KARACHI: Chinese company Hangzhou Jinjiang Group has demanded of the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB) to pay compensation for the losses occurred due to the District Municipal Corporation (DMC)’s unprofessional style of work which is causing damages to the firm’s bins installed in the District West.

In this connection, the Hangzhou Jinjiang Group has written a letter to SSWMB to lodge a complaint against the DMC West for its unprofessional style of work.

The Chinese company, in the letter, accused the DMC staff for using irrelevant machinery for lifting and offloading trash bins.

“DMC West is using other vehicles such as loader, tractors blades to offload or to put the bins aside which is an unprofessional approach by the staff,” the company wrote.

The company also attached evidence with the letter to support its claims.

Furthermore, the company have noted the names of drivers and also recorded videos as evidence, which are attached with the letter.

“Chinese company has approximately made 150 million investments to procure those numbers of bins,’’ the memo added.

Hangzhou Jinjiang Group has requested the SSWMB to take action against DMC’s unprofessional approach and compensate Chinese company losses.