Ramazan likely to start on May 7 in Pakistan


KARACHI: The Ramazan moon is likely to be sighted on May 6 in Pakistan and the holy month is expected to begin on May 7, sources in the Met Department said.

According to them, while the moon will most likely be in the sickle moon lunar phase on May 5, given certain factors, it will not be sighted in Pakistan until the following night. Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East; however, will be able to see the moon on May 5 and hold the first fast on May 6.

“The Ramazan moon will be in phase on May 5 by around 3:45am,” renowned scientist and former director of the Karachi University Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics Dr Shahid Qureshi told local media.

“But even though it will be 15 hours and 18 minutes old by the time sun sets that day in Pakistan, it will be only seven degrees above the horizon,” he said. “This means, there will be no chance of sighting the Ramazan moon in Pakistan on May 5.”

“As such, the moon will likely be seen in Pakistan on May 6 and the first fast will most likely begin on May 7,” he added. “Pakistan’s neighbours, Bangladesh and other countries in Asia and Africa will likely be in the same boat and will only be able to see the Ramazan moon on May 6 as well.”

When contacted, the Met Department refused to provide any official comment with regards to the likely date for Ramazan and the sighting of the moon. Informally; however, sources in the department confirmed Dr Qureshi’s prediction that the moon will not be sighted on May 5 and that the first fast is likely to begin on May 7.

COURTESY: Express Tribune