Karachi police chief warns action against officers asking couples for proof of marriage


KARACHI: Karachi Police Chief Dr Amir Sheikh on Wednesday announced that strict action will be taken against the officers who harass young couples and ask them for marriage certificates.

In a letter written to the deputy inspector-generals (DIGs) of the three zones in Karachi, Dr Sheikh called for immediate action against such police officers.

According to the letter, residents of the metropolis regularly complain that policemen in mobiles and motorcycles stop couples and inquire about their marriage certificates.

The letter further warned that complaints regarding police officers asking for proof of marriage especially from females should not be heard again.

Dr Sheikh added that strict action will be taken against those police officers deployed at the beach and other places.

Sheikh also urged the citizens of the port city to immediately register any such complaints on Karachi police’s WhatsApp number, +923435142770.