public have rejected PML(N), PPP and other political parties,Nusrat Wahid 


 KARACHI: President PTI Women Wing Sindh Nusrat Wahid said that opposition’s grand alliance is actually conspiracy to spread anarchy. General Election 2018 was unbiased in the history. Election Commission and Security agencies had arranged best to independently choose the candidates and entry of irrelevant persons was banned.

Information of bogus voting was not received in all over the Pakistan cum Karachi region by doing so general election process was completed preferably and successfully.

Bewailing of cheating by PML(N), MMA, ANP along with other political parties is just to thief overhead. She further said that PML(N) and PPP remained in power repeatedly but they were solving public problems only in documentary basis not operational basis and instead of construction of Dams for water shortage, reduction of poverty and inflation, promotion of education and paying of foreign  and IMF debt they puzzled the public into complex situation of inflation. Nusrat Wahid said that action may be taken against Nawaz Sharif towards “Mulk Sanwaro Qarz Utaro” Scheme in which public had provided millions of rupees to get rid of foreign debts but he kept the amount of said scheme in his pocket.