Another ‘Niazi surrendered’ in November: Saeed Ghani


KARACHI: Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister on Labour Senator Saeed Ghani  on Tuesday said that another ‘Niazi’ surrendered in the month of November .

In a statement, Senator Saeed Ghani said that if the fours demands put forth by Bilawal Bhutto were not met, then PPP would launch a movement against the government.

He said that PTI itself backtracked from lock-down of Islamabad. He said that the PTI workers braved baton charge and police torture but Khan did not bother to come down from the hill. Imran must have led his workers from the front, he added.

The PPP leader said that the whole show between Imran and Sharif brothers was about fixing of GT Raod match. He asked PTI workers to search Imran Khan now.