20 bodies recovered from flood-hit Chitral


CHITRAL: As many as 20 bodies recovered from water channels in five villages of Chitral district that had been devastated by flash floods the previous day.

Eight of the victims were members of one family of Uthool, a village near Mulkhow.

The raging floodwaters swept away about 200 houses and an identical number of shops across the district, compounding misery in a region that has suffered the most during the ongoing flood disaster traumatising the nation.

The sudden deluge caught the villagers unprepared and they had no time to escape the gushing waters.

The eight of the same family who perished were identified as Izharul Haq, Alima Bibi, Anwaz Bibi, Jamila Bibi, Rahimul Haq, Misbahul Haq, Ihtiramul Haq and Ihtishamul Haq.

Haidar Hussain, Khalida Bibi, Shahnaz Bibi, Mehnaz Bibi, Zahid Abbas, Shahria, Naveeda, Javeka, Muhammad Amin, wife of Wali Khan and the wife of Sher Habib died in Saht.

Uthool and Saht have so far suffered the biggest number of dead and injured.