Shab-e-Barat being observed tonight with devotion, religious fervor across Pakistan


KARACHI: Shab-e-Barat, the night of reverence and divine blessings is being observed tonight with religious fervor and devotion across Pakistan.

The Muslim would offer night-long special prayers. Shab-e-Baraat is observed on 15th of Shaban-ul-Moazzam every year according to Islamic calendar. On this night Allah almighty said,” who wants forgiveness, I shall forgive him(her). Who wants food, I will provide food.” Allah said this over again and again until fajr.

Shab-E-Barat is celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm by Muslims all over the world.

‘Aisha is reported to have said that Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wasalam) said,“This is the middle night of Sha’ban. Allah frees in it a large number of the people from the Hellfire, more than the number of the hair growing on the sheep of the tribe, Kalb. But He (salallahu alaihi wasalam) does not even look at a person who associates partners with Allah, or at a person who nourishes malice in his heart (against another muslim), or at a person who cuts off the ties of womb-relations, or at a man who leaves his clothes extending beyond his ankles (as a sign of pride), or at a person who disobeys his parents, or at a person who has a habit of drinking wine.”