Upto Rs50,000 relief to be provided to Hajj pilgrims


ISLAMABAD: Additional Secretary of Religious Affairs, Dr. Attar Rehman has promised to reduce the government Hajj expenses and said that there is an effort to provide relief of 45 to 50 thousand rupees for the pilgrims.

In a statement, Dr. Attar Rehman says that under the government scheme, Hajj pilgrims will be able to save 45,000 to 50,000 rupees.

Dr. Atta-ul-Rahman further said that they are trying to make the Hajj package cheaper by negotiating with the Saudi government.

They are trying to bring the Hajj package for the northern region from 11 lakh 75 thousand to 11 lakh 30 thousand.

He further said that the Hajj package should be made available from Rs1.165 million to  Rs1.120 million for the southern region.