Petrol price to be hiked for rich and distributed among poor: Musadik

Petrol price likely to be reduced by Rs10 per litre today

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik has said that they are not giving subsidy on petrol but the price for the rich will be increased and distributed among the poor.

In an informal conversation in Islamabad, the Minister of State said that the IMF believes that we are subsidizing petrol. Our program is not a subsidy, we are not imposing a new tax, the petrol price of the rich will be increased and distributed to the poor

He said that currently there are 2.6 million motorcycles in the country while there are 2.14 million small vehicles. The bike consumes 21 liters of petrol per month. 460 million liters of petrol are consumed per month by adding petrol to vehicles. A motorcycle will get a relief of Rs 100, while small vehicles are proposed to get a monthly relief of up to 30 litres.

The state minister said that there will be a difference of 100 rupees per liter in the price of petrol for the rich and the poor. Every 15 days, the difference between the rich and the poor will be announced. There are 3 options under consideration for relief. Payment through password or card or BISP is discussed. To avoid petrol black, they will set a daily limit of 2 liters for motorbikes.

Musadik Malik said that cheap petrol can be poured in vehicles up to 5 liters a day. There is zero subsidy on petrol relief. It is proposed not to give subsidy on diesel, but the final decision will be taken later. Thinking about public transport and goods vehicles. Oil companies have been taken into confidence regarding the petrol package. Mobile phone scanners will be installed at petrol pumps.