MQM urges govt to take back hike in petroleum prices

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KARACHI: The government’s ally Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan has demanded a rollback of the hike in the prices of petroleum products, while the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the business community, has rejected the increase in the prices of petroleum products. Demanded the government to withdraw the increase.

It should be noted that the government has announced an immediate increase in the price of petroleum products, under which the price of petrol and diesel per liter has been increased by Rs 35, while the price of light diesel and kerosene has been increased by Rs 18.

The finance minister had also announced that the new prices will be applicable across the country from 11 am. He had said that there was speculation that the price of petroleum products would increase by more than Rs. 50, but the government has tried to shift the minimum burden on the public.

The increase in the prices of petroleum products has been rejected by the people, the business community and political parties, while the MQM has also demanded the withdrawal of the increase.

MQM Pakistan Deputy Convener Nasreen Jalil has expressed concern over the sudden increase in the prices of petroleum products and said that the increase in prices will bring a storm of inflation in the country and it will directly affect the daily necessities. It is cruel to put all the burden on the people to get the country out of economic difficulties.

He said that instead of taxing the working class, the government should impose a full-fledged agricultural tax. Not imposing agricultural tax due to the fear of landlords is tantamount to enmity with Pakistan and the people. The high inflation has made it impossible for the people to live. Public agitation and restlessness is increasing.