Security forces save KP from big disaster; terrorist’s network busted


Intelligence agencies took timely action and caught a large network of suicide attacks, saving Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from a major disaster.

According to the intelligence sources, Afghan mobile SIMs, drugs and currency were recovered from the terrorist network of the border attackers.

Sources say that on January 19, a suicide bomber entered the Jamrud Takht Beg check post, 3 police personnel were martyred by the attacker’s firing and after the firing, the suicide bomber blew himself up with a bomb.

According to sources, security forces collected bullet shells and body parts for forensics, geo-fencing and CCTV video were analyzed and then according to information received on January 21, a TTP operative named Umar was behind the suicide attack.

TTP member Umar was facilitated by Satana Jan, a resident of Tehsil Jamrud. On January 23, Farmanullah and Abdul Qayyum, two suspects related to the suicide bomber, were arrested. An operation was conducted, the facilitators of the operation, Fazal Amin, Fazal Ahmed, Mohammad Amir and Hamadullah were detained.

According to intelligence sources, 2 Afghan citizens were also caught in the operation against Satana John, Facilitator Fazal Ahmed revealed that the suicide bomber was an Afghan citizen, Satana John brought the suicide bomber to Pakistan, Satana John himself He also provided weapons and suicide vests to the assailant.

According to the sources, Facilitator Fazal Ahmed took pictures of the scene from his mobile phone on January 18, Satana John was running the banned TTP North Waziristan, Satana John was using 4 houses to hide, this house committed suicide. were used for attacks.

Intelligence sources say that the Afghan suicide bomber was sent from Afghanistan by his handlers.