Nawaz has missed his political bus, says Rasheed


RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed has said that Nawaz Sharif has also missed his political bus.

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed said on Twitter that the solution to political and economic instability is elections. The longer the government delays the election, the more it will dig its political grave.

Sheikh Rasheed further said that Nawaz Sharif said that call Nawaz Sharif but his political vehicle has been missed.

Imran Khan alone defeated all opposing political forces. Delaying decisions will make the situation worse. The government’s foot is on economic landmines, he added.

Earlier, Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that whoever comes as the new army chief will not carry political dirt on his shoulders.

In a statement on the social media website Twitter, he said that Nawaz Sharif wants to extend the caretaker’s tenure and also wants to appoint him at will. He said that two enjoyments cannot be get on one ticket.

Criticizing the government and the press conference of the foreign minister, Sheikh Rasheed said that the political funeral of PDM is over, whose political cries are clear in Bilawal’s press conference. Everything will be decided in 72 hours.

On November 26, Imran Khan will be given a historic welcome in Rawalpindi, he said.

The former interior minister said that the country’s foreign minister Bilawal is threatening the president of his country.

Imran Khan has no objection to the appointment of anyone, whoever comes as the new army chief, he will not carry political dirt on his shoulders and will lead the country towards elections. Sheikh Rashid said that the next 5 days are decisive in politics.

Yesterday, former interior minister and AML chief Sheikh Rasheed has said that backdoor negotiations with President Arif Alvi were currently underway.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Rasheed said that Imran Khan has no interest in appointment of the COAS. Imran Khan just wants the selection to be made on merit, he added.

Earlier, Rasheed also met Imran at his residence in Lahore in the day. Talking to media persons afterward, Rasheed  said that doctors had advised Imran Khan not to travel. He added that there was still a threat to the PTI chief’s life.

About the long march, Rashid said that people would march on the capital in the daylight. “We have only one demand: free and fair elections.”