Allies are with us while umpire with Pakistan, claims Sheikh Rasheed

Allies are with us while umpire with Pakistan, claims Sheikh Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that the allies are with us while the umpire is with Pakistan. A good decision will come in favour of Imran Khan, he added.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has said that the allies are with us and will come to Imran Khan. The umpires are with Pakistan.

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He said that Chaudhry brothers are advised to stand with Imran Khan. I can advise them to go ahead. Genuine and true friend stands with his friend. Bids are being made in the market to buy loyalties.

The GDA and BNP are with the government. My heart says the MQM-P will also announce its support to the government. All the allies will stand with the government. If it is manipulated then it will come to surface, he added.

The interior minister said that due to the stupidity of the opposition, Imran Khan became stronger. Imran Khan was late in holding the public meetings. People who have never been out of the house are going to meet people.

Rasheed said that there will be a strong week from March 23 to 30. Judo karate week is about to start. Opposition will come on March 23 and the government will provide them security.

He said that the opposition has not done anything but spread confusion for 4 years. Fazlur Rehman has been talking about long march for 4 months. Now the Mola Jatts politics will no longer work. Opposition should refrain from spreading anarchy in the country. Please do not push the country towards anarchy, he said.

He said that Fazlur Rehman is saying that we have kept the sticks soaked, it is unfortunate that these people are saying such things. There should be no fighting and anarchy. Pak-Australia match is also a responsibility in this situation.

The minister said that he has never had any quarrel with Bilawal. May Allah not allow PPP to conquer Punjab, he prayed.