‘Kashmir issue can’t be resolved even if it takes 700 years under existing policy’


Islamabad: Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider has said that the accession of Kashmiri state to Pakistan is necessary.

Addressing the Accession Day Conference being held by the All Pakistan Hurriyat Conference (APHC), Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider said that according to the resolution Kashmiris should have the right to elect their representatives.

Haider said that the people of Kashmir have religious and cultural affiliation with Pakistan, but according to the current policy, even if it takes 700 years, the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved.

He added that we have to move to the institutions of justice in the world as geographically, linguistically and religiously, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a part of Pakistan.

The resolution of July 19, 1947 had the support of the people of the state, Kashmiris have done their duty, now it is the responsibility of Pakistan, he added.

He further said that the Azad Kashmir government and the Hurriyat Conference should be allowed to present their case, adding that the suggestions had been sent to Pakistan government on how to proceed.

Haider said that cases will be registered in all the countries against the India’s crimes against humanity.

He said that the people of Pakistan and the political leadership must work together on Kashmir issue.