Assad’s regime to cancel citizenship of millions of Syrian’s


In Syria, the regime is preparing to revoke millions of people’s citizenship under the pretext of distributing new identities. Approximately 10.5 million refugees will lose their citizenship.

Under the new law adopted by the Assad regime in Syria, the Syrians face the danger of having their citizenship removed. In order to acquire citizenship rights, all Syrians are required to obtain new identities by the end of 2018 at the latest.

Demographic war

Syrian Provisional Government Vice Prime Minister Vecih Cumaaid Friday that the new law will remove the citizenship rights of 10.5 million Syrians.

Evaluating the law, Cuma said, “Especially the 10.5 million Syrians living in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon will have their citizenship removed and will be condemned to live outside the country permanently. In addition, 4.5 million people live in opposition areas. Embassies and consulates have been deprived of the right to provide their identity in the ban issued by the regime. This means that the new demography will be shaped by this law.”

Citizenship to terrorists

Many towns such as Zebedani, Madaya, Waar, Valley Barada and Daraya were allocated to Shiite legionaries supported by Iran.

Foreign militants will be given citizenship while millions of Syrians will have their citizenship revoked.

A similar application would apply to terrorist members from Iraq, Turkey and Europe for PYD. Yesterday, the application of passports from foreign representatives in the framework of the adopted law was also put to a halt.

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