Utility Stores Corp admits selling substandard edible oil, ghee in SC


ISLAMABAD: The Utility Stores Corporation and the Ministry of Industries and Production admitted before the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday that the cooking oil and ghee being sold under the Utility Store brand was substandard.

The Supreme Court has ordered a quality-control report for all food items being sold at the Utility Stores.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Saquib Nisar was hearing the case against substandard food items being sold in the market. During proceedings the court was informed that companies selling substandard cooking oil have been blacklisted and in future only high quality cooking oil and ghee would be sold at the Utility Stores.

The apex court ordered that detailed report on the quality of products being sold at the Utility Stores be submitted in 10 days time, adding that a procedure should be formulated for gauging the quality of products being sold at the Utility Stores.

During proceedings the Utility Stores Corporation also admitted that no third-party auditing system is in place for the quality of the products being sold adding that in future such a mechanism will also be introduced.

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